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VietNamNet Bridge – In Tan Phong Ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City, there is a small town where it is the home to residents of 50 countries of the five continents. People call it the “multinational street.”


saigon, street for foreigners, multinational street, tan phong ward

A Korean restaurant in the “multinational street.”

For different reasons, many people from the Republic of Korea, Japan, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Iran (Asia); the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, the Netherlands, Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal (Europe); the United States, Canada, Brazil … (Americas); New Zealand, Australia (Australia) and some people from Africa live in KP3, 4 of Tan Phong Ward. This is a multinational community, with multi-languages and culture diversity.

The first impression of visitors who come to this area for the first time is the system of restaurants and shops in foreign names. There are Indian, Japanese, Korean restaurants, Koran supermarkets and clinics; Japanese and Korean spa centers… There are also a few Vietnamese restaurants there.

Most foreign residents here have a highly professional working style. Every morning, they leave home hurriedly to go to their plants and companies that are based in the suburban districts of Ho Chi Minh City or the neighboring provinces of Binh Duong and Dong Nai. Their children are also picked up by the buses of international schools.


saigon, street for foreigners, multinational street, tan phong ward 

A Thai restaurant. 

Early evening, most of local residents group in the restaurants of their communities to enjoy the appetizing dishes. Restaurants usually close earlier than bars, spa and massage centers. If restaurants here close at about 22h, bars, karaoke parlous and coffee shops remain active to 2-3am of the next day.

saigon, street for foreigners, multinational street, tan phong ward

A Japanese in the “multinational” street has a walk with his dog. 

Koreans are hard-working and they attach importance to work effectiveness, especially the time. If a teacher wants to meet her students at home, she has to make an appointment and she cannot be late. Many Korean children told her that their life in South Korea was hard but when their parents came to Vietnam to open restaurants, their lives are more comfortable. Every Sunday of the last week of the month, they gather together to exchange information and have extra-curricular activities such as picking up trash in the park.


saigon, street for foreigners, multinational street, tan phong ward

Korean students across the road to catch a bus to school. 

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