Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

A night requiem was held at Son My village, Quang Ngai
province, on March 15 to commemorate 504 innocent victims of the bloody
massacre caused by the US military more than four decades ago.


my son massacre, my lai, commemoration, vietnam war 

Forty-five years ago on March 16, US soldiers stormed into Son My
village, Tinh Khe commune, opening fire at unarmed civilians. They
killed a total of 504 people, including many elderly, women and

Over the past four decades, local people have tried to break with the past and joined hands to build a new life.

Buddhist followers and village chiefs held a solemn mass for the 504 innocent people, hoping they would be reincarnated.

Candles were lit up above the graves of the unfortunate victims and along paths to the village’s cemetery.

US war veteran Mike Boehm played the violin in front of the Monument
dedicated to the massacre victims, in the hope of easing the lingering
pain of the bereaved.

The ceremony was also attended by sergeant-photographer Ronald
Haeberle, who helped bring the massacre to life, shaking the world and
the US as well.

Participants released 504 flowered lanterns into Thuan Yen canal
where the US military opened fire at Son My villagers 45 years ago,
sending a message of peace to people worldwide. 


By vivian