Thu. May 19th, 2022

National Assembly (NA) Chairman Nguyen Sinh Hung and the NA deputies of
central Ha Tinh province on July 2 met with voters in Huong Khe, a
mountainous district leading the new rural building movement in the

Local voters expressed their high
unanimity with many guidelines and policies on socio-economic
development and security-defence which were adopted by the NA during its
seventh session.

They expressed their anger at
China’s illegal placement of the oil rig Haiyang Shiyou-981 in Vietnam’s
continental shelf and exclusive economic zone as well as its
maintenance of a large number of escort ships to hinder Vietnamese law
enforcement forces’ sovereignty protection activities.

They also proposed measures to enhance economic and defence strengths
for the country’s sea and islands, and firmly safeguard national sea

NA Chairman Hung pointed to
difficulties facing the country over the past time, including unstable
economic development, high poverty rate, and limited defence-security

China’s illegal rig placement in
Vietnamese waters has caused numerous difficulties for the country in
carrying out its socio-economic development plans while stirring anger
among the people, he said.

This situation requires
each voter and each person to make greater efforts and maintain their
solidarity, proactiveness and creativeness in order to overcome all
difficulties for the cause of national construction and defence, he

“We always aspire for peacefully development
and Vietnam-China friendship but the Vietnamese nation never yields to
any threat and violation of its national independence and sovereignty,”
he stressed.

The same day, the NA Chairman and
deputies visited Ngan Truoi-Cam Trang irrigation system in Vu Quang
district, an important work for the province’s socio-economic

Under construction since June 2009,
the 9 trillion VND (428.5 million USD) project includes a 750 million
cu.m reservoir, the third largest of its kind in the country, and a 16
MW hydropower plant. It provides water for Thach Khe iron mine and
32,500 ha of agricultural land in eight districts.-VNA

By vivian