Thu. May 19th, 2022

VietNamNet Bridge – Many heart-breaking stories of trafficked women are being recited at Peaceful Place exhibition currently being held at the Vietnamese Women’s Museum by Center for Women and Development under the sponsorship of Spanish Agency for International Development Co-operation.

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The image of a H’mong woman, born in Lao Cai Province, who was trafficked to a Chinese brothel for many years but was rescued and taken back home to Vietnam.

The exhibition wishes to offer a broader glimpse into the current situation of human trafficking in Vietnam today. With two main topics “Floating lives” and “Peaceful Place”, the exhibition features true stories of rescued trafficking victims and the pain they have experienced and their wish to re-integrate into communities via the Peace House Shelter. The shelter has been proven to be a safe environment and an effective model where victims receive a variety of support services including health care, psychological help, life skills training and vocational training for their recovery and re-integration.

The exhibition reflects the efforts of Vietnam Women’s Union in activities supporting vulnerable women in general and trafficking women in particular, creating a healthy environment and raising voices to “unite in supporting trafficked returnees” as a way to prevent human trafficking and fulfill the goal of gender equality.

Visitors may be moved by the images of young women mostly from border areas who were cheated, kidnapped, sold and forced to work as prostitutes and then suffered from torture, maltreatment and infected diseases.

Visitors will also see how difficult it has been for them after they have been rescued to integrate within a local community as many of them cannot speak Vietnamese anymore and many suffered dangerous diseases and feel isolated from society.

The show will run until July 10 at the museum, 202 Vo Thi Sau Street in District 3.

Source: SGT

By vivian