Fri. May 27th, 2022

The Government will provide 4.5 trillion VND (214.28 million USD) for
fishermen to help them build offshore fishing vessels.

The decision was made during a meeting of Government standing members
in Hanoi on July 3 that looked into the use of the 16 trillion VND
(761.9 million USD) package designed to support the building of offshore
fishing vessels and those for coast guard and fisheries surveillance

The remaining 11.5 trillion VND (547.61
million USD) will be reserved for constructing 32 ships of all kinds for
coast guard and fisheries surveillance forces, Prime Minister Nguyen
Tan Dung said.

He said the financial aid is to help
raise the law enforcement capacity of authorised forces, and ensure
fishermen’s safe and long stay in Vietnam ’s waters, thus increasing
their fishing harvest.

The support will also help
safeguard the country’s sea and island sovereignty, protect fishermen,
and better perform search and rescue duties, as well as other important
missions, he added.

PM Dung pledged all possible sources to be gathered to further improve the relevant forces’ capacity and assist fishermen.

Also at the meeting, it was agreed that 426 billion VND (20.28 million
USD) will be advanced for the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural
Development to repair seriously deteriorated reservoirs across the

The ministry was assigned to work with
provincial authorities to ensure the absolute safety of reservoirs and
dams in the approaching flooding season.

Around 1,150 reservoirs nationwide are in dire need of repair. Up to 320 of them are unable to withstand floods, reports said.-VNA

By vivian