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VietNamNet Bridge – While the police were searching his room, a foreign man who was related to the salacious case against children jumped from the 19th floor and died on the spot.


sexual abuse, suicide, gay 

The building where the foreign man committed suicide by jumping off from the 19th floor. 

On March 10, Ho Chi Minh City police decided to not initiate criminal prosecutions against Vitrac Alexandre Pierre Claude, 39, French nationality, former network administrator of a company in District 5, Ho Chi Minh City because he died.

Earlier, on the night of November 8, 2012, a lot of people living at the Screc building on Truong Sa Road, Ward 12, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City, panicked when they saw a man jumping from the 19th floor of the building to the ground and died on the spot.

The victim was identified as Vitrac Alexandre Pierre Claude, who was involved in a case of sexual abuse against boys.


sexual abuse, suicide, gay 

Defendant Thi Truong Han.

According to inspectors, Thi Truong Han, a 21-year-old gay living in Hoc Mon District, HCM City, sent two boys of 14 years old to “serve” Vitrac Alexandre Pierre Claude. The French man paid Han and the boys from VND300,000 to VND500,000 ($15-25) each time.

On the evening of November 8, 2012, HCM City police conducted an urgent search at Vitrac’s house. While the authorities were searching the apartment, Vitrac wanted to go to the toilet then he suddenly jumped out of the apartment window, falling from the 19th floor to the ground, and died on the spot.

Police of Hoc Mon district, Ho Chi Minh City have concluded the investigation and transferred the file to the Hoc Mon district People’s Procuracy, recommending the charges on salaciousness against children on Thi Truong Han.

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