Thu. May 26th, 2022

President Truong Tan Sang’s newly-concluded visit to the US has
formed a new framework for the development of Vietnam-US relations in
the new period, Foreign Minister Pham Binh Minh told the press following
the visit.

The FM said President Sang’s trip is an
important step in implementing the foreign policy of independence,
self-reliance, multilateralisation, diversification of relations, and
proactive international integration as set out by the 11th National
Party Congress, with the aim of elevating the country’s position, and
deepening relations with important partners, including the US.

Furthermore, this is the first high-level visit between Vietnam
and the US over the past five years. The visit aims to form a new
framework for bilateral relations in the new period, boosting the
relations both on scale and in depth, particularly in fields of the two
countries’ shared interest and of Vietnam’s priority, including
economics, trade, science-technology, education and training, and
addressing post-war consequences.

In addition, the visit
demonstrated Vietnam’s goodwill and readiness to discuss in a
straightforward, open and constructive manner issues in which Vietnam
and the US still hold different viewpoints, including human rights
issues, thus enhancing mutual understanding and narrowing differences
between the two countries while affirming the Vietnamese Party and
State’s sound guidelines and policies in ensuring and respecting human

FM Minh noted that President Truong Tan Sang and his
entourage had a very busy schedule during the visit with nearly 20
meetings with US government officials, congressmen and others, just
within the course of nearly three days.

Within the framework
of the visit, governmental officials accompanying the President also
held many working sessions with US partners to discuss concrete measures
to boost cooperation in such areas as economics, trade, investment,
education and training, and national defence.

reviewing the specific outcomes of the visit in the fields of politics,
economics and people-to-people diplomacy, the FM shared his viewpoints
on prospects for the Vietnam-US relations in the coming time.
He said Vietnam will continue considering the US as a leading
partner and the US also gives an important place to Vietnam in
its regional policy.

The FM stressed that the framework for
the two countries’ relationship in the new period formed during the
visit based on fundamental principles of international law and the UN
Charter, with goodwill, mutual understanding and respect, will create
favourable conditions for them to further their relations, making
contributions to peace, stability and cooperation in the region.

Accordingly, Vietnam-US relations are expected to maintain its
development momentum with new progress, the cooperation contents in each
area will be more in-depth and more result-oriented.

On the
plane of politics, the two countries will increase the exchange of
delegations at different levels while existing mechanisms will be
consolidated and possibly upgraded or new ones will be formed, FM Minh

He also affirmed that apart from the bilateral ties,
President Sang’s visit has contributed to further enhancing the
coordination between Vietnam and the US within the framework of

In terms of economics, the two countries will step
up cooperation in various fields, including trade, scientific and
technological investment, particularly hi-tech areas, in order to build a
knowledge-based economy.

The FM urged ministries and
branches to make sure agreements reached by the two countries are well
implemented, to serve the country’s socio-economic development.-VNA

By vivian