Thu. May 26th, 2022

A draft project on renovating education and training has asserted the
decisive role of education to the country’s sustainable development.

The project received comments from the National
Education and Human Resources Development Council members at a
conference held in Hanoi on July 24.

Prime Minister Nguyen
Tan Dung, who chairs the Council and Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Thien
Nhan, the council’s Vice Chairman, co-presided over the event.

Under the project, prepared by the Ministry of Education and Training
and the Party Central Committee’s Information and Education Commission,
by 2030, Vietnam’s education would meet regional standards.

specific targets for preschool, high school education, vocation
training, and tertiary education introduced, basic changes in education
quality would be created to meet requirements for the nation’s
industrialisation and modernisation in the context of developing the
socialist-driven market economy and increasing international

According to PM Dung, the project
should give critical evaluation on the education-training sector’s
achievements and contributions to the country’s socio-economic
development while pointing out the existed shortcomings for correction.

Deputy PM Nhan, for his part, emphasised the need to reform
the organisation of examinations as well as the assessment of students’
study records as an important measure to make a drastic change in the
whole country’s education and training system.

The project will be submitted to the Party Central Committee for approval.-VNA

By vivian