Thu. May 19th, 2022

VietNamNet Bridge – The oil spills on the coast of Quy Nhon city,
Binh Dinh province has caused serious damage to the environment and
fishermen. To quickly find the cause and prevent further damage, the
local government has used divers.

Thousands of liters of oil spilled on Quy Nhon beach

oil spill, quy nhon, binh dinh, fish cages

Collecting oil on the beach of Quy Nhon.

Dang Trung Thanh, deputy director of the Department of Environment and
Natural Resources of Binh Dinh province, told a local newspaper this
morning that along with assisting people to deal with oil spills, the
provincial authorities had mobilized tens of divers to search for the
source of oil spills.

“Through field surveys, we believe that this is used oil and it comes from the sea,” Thanh said.

to Binh Dinh authorities, oil scum concentrated on the passage to Quy
Nhon Port but they could not find the oil source there. Oil has not only
penetrated into the fish breeding areas but also the beach of Quy Nhon,
hindering local people and tourists from swimming.

If oil spills
continues for a few more days, Binh Dinh will ask for the assistance of
the Da Nang-based National Center for Oil Spill Response.

oil spill, quy nhon, binh dinh, fish cages 

Fish died because of oil.

the afternoon on July 8, Quy Nhon mobilized over 350 young people and
workers of the local urban environment and hygiene company to collect
oil on the coast. By July 9 noon they collected hundreds of bags of
curdled oil and dozens of barrels of liquid oil.

Mr. Vo Dinh Tam,
Director of Binh Dinh Department of Aquaculture Department, said 79 fish
farms in Hai Cang Ward, Quy Nhon were affected by oil spill. Several
cages had over 50 percent of fish or shrimps dead and the remaining is
getting weak.

The local authorities have guide fishermen to zone and prevent oil spilling into fishing cages and save fish.

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