Fri. May 27th, 2022

Vietnam will work alongside international partners to combat money
laundering and the financing of terrorism, Minister of Public Security
Tran Dai Quang has declared.

The minister delivered a speech at
the fourth Annual International Conference on S ecurity Matters which
opened on July 3 in V ladivostok, Russia, where participants
discussed how to tackle financial fraud, drug and human trafficking,
terrorism and traffic security.

Quang said Vietnam has
identified money laundering as a growing international problem, and the
country has developed legal frameworks for combating this crime.

The country has set up a national steering committee for preventing
and combating money laundering and terrorism financing together with
specialized agencies to enhance its prevention and detection abilities.
These agencies have discovered a number of cases in this field.

The minister a lso highlighted the initiatives made by the international community to stop these crimes.
Organised from July 3-4, the meeting attracted the participation of 60
international delegations and representatives from the United Nations.

The event helped to promote cooperation between law enforcement agencies from around the world.-VNA

By vivian