Fri. May 27th, 2022

VietNamNet Bridge – With the policies changing regularly, the Moc Bai duty free supermarket may have to end its operation in some days.

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Moc Bai in Tay Ninh province is 1 of the 8 border gate economic zones in the country. The trade area is projected to cover an area of 21,300 hectares, of which 2,500 hectares has been put into operation. However, the unclear and changeable policies have discouraged investors.

In the past, the Moc Bai duty free supermarket complex comprised of two big supermarkets, Fuso and GC. However, Fuso has shut down, turning into an industrial zone. Only GC and the border gate market still keep operation.

It’s still unclear about the fate of Moc Bai

Five investors reportedly spent VND480 billion to turn the deserted land into a trade center on the Vietnam-Cambodia border line area. They built infrastructure items, upgraded the roads and set up supermarkets, which made the poor land area more bustling. People flocked there from HCM City and neighboring provinces, while local people got happy because they got more jobs.

However, the regulation that every person could only buy VND500,000 worth of products at maximum then kept people away from supermarkets. No one would go from HCM City to Moc Bai just to buy some small value goods.

Sweets have not been found there at the supermarkets any more. The wine shop, which was once very bustling, has shut down. Hien, a local resident, said the supermarkets are still awaiting the new policies from the State, while sellers don’t know if they have to pay tax later.

Only essential items have been available there, such as shampoo, or detergent. Hien said that the products can be sold to some people who later resell the products somewhere.

On January 17, 2013, the government office released a document stipulating that the border gate economic zones are allowed to continue selling duty free goods to travelers in accordance with the 2009 Prime Minister’s decision until a new regulation is promulgated.

Therefore, on January 24, the enterprises in the Moc Bai Economic Zone opened their shops again after one month of interruption. However, they still feel worried stiff about their fate, waiting for the new policies.

Cambodian’s supermarkets compete with Moc Bai

While the supermarkets, duty free shops in the Moc Bai Economic Zone have been full of hardships, a big duty free shop has appeared on the other side of the border line, just next to the Xa Mat Economic Zone.

LHC Market is just 300 meters far away from the Xa Mat International Border Gate Checking Station. Liquor, electronics, and some other kinds of products were available. The popular electronic devices and nearly brand new could be bought at VND150,000-200,000.

However, buyers should have some experience to haggle about the prices with the sellers and to choose good products if they want expensive things. Some sources said Vietnamese electronics shop owners went to Cambodia, where they bought the products to upgrade and sell for profits. This shows that Cambodia has been attracting Vietnamese, who come there not only to gamble, but also to do trade.

The policies applied by the duty free shops in Cambodia are clear. Every Vietnamese person can buy up to $300 worth of products without having to pay import tax.


By vivian