Thu. May 26th, 2022

More and more Japanese companies are exploring and investing in Long An
because of its increasingly attractive investment environment, said the
Vietnamese Business Forum Magazine (VBF).

In recent years, Long An
province has actively approached and learned about Japanese investors
and introduced investment opportunities to them. The province has
applied a lot of innovative mechanisms and policies for investors to tap
local advantages, especially Japanese investors.

Japan ranks third in investment capital in Long An (after Taiwan and the
Republic of Korea) with a total registered capital of over 300 million

Japan’s increasing investment into Vietnam in general and
Long An province in particular is a result of its accelerating
reconstruction at the back of earthquake and tsunami disasters.

Japanese investors tend to relocate production facilities from China to
Vietnam. In addition to investment environment, Long An province has a
lot of favourable conditions and advantages to attract and meet specific
requirements of Japanese investors.

The investment environment
in Long An province is increasingly improved, investment promotion
activities are more effective, and infrastructure developers have
appropriate policies to draw investors. The province is attracting more
Japanese investors because Japanese companies currently operating here
are effective and because the province has good investment attraction

Defining Japan as a strategic partner, Long An is
targeting Japanese small and medium businesses specialised in supporting
industries, tourism, service and commercial infrastructure development.-VNA

By vivian