Thu. Apr 18th, 2024

A national conference aimed at improving industrial relations (IR) under
the revised Labour Code and Trade Union Law was held in Hanoi on
May 31.

Co-organised by the Ministry of Labour,
Invalids and Social Affairs and the International Labour Organisation
(ILO) in Vietnam, the gathering drew the participation of
organisations representing employers and employees in Vietnam and
the international community.

Addressing the event,
Director of ILO in Vietnam Gyorgy Sziraczki appreciated Vietnam ’s
efforts in promulgating the aforementioned revised code and law.

He said the new labour laws create a firm legal foundation to help the
country improve industrial relations between employers and employees.

However, enforcing the laws will be no less challenging than building them, he stressed.

At the conference, the participants discussed a number of issues,
including challenges and a roadmap for implementing the changes in the
revised Labour Code and the Trade Union Law.

also discussed how the IR Project on industrial relations between
Vietnam and ILO can best support the efforts of the Vietnamese IR
players in the process.

On the occasion, the second phase of the IR Project worth 4 million USD was officially launched.-VNA

By vivian