Thu. May 19th, 2022

Farm produce and services for agricultural production are on display at
an exhibition that opened in the Central Highlands of Gia Lai on April

The week-long event, the largest ever of its
kind in Gia Lai, has drawn 25 250 units from Central Highlands
provinces, showcasing their agricultural achievements, products and
services for agriculture, production and craft villages as well as
essential goods for farmers at 350 stalls.

display are machines, equipments and means of transport serving
agriculture and rural development, fertilisers and pesticides, garments,
textiles, leathers, pharmaceutical products, and wood and rattan items.

The event has offered an opportunity to farmers
and consumers to meet with scientists and businessmen while accessing
advanced technologies.

Within the framework of the
event, there will be workshops on technical solutions in farming and
agricultural trade promotion and charitable activities.-VNA

By vivian