Mon. Jun 17th, 2024

Around 50 delegates representing for foreign investors, financial
organisations and consultation companies in Singapore on March 25
participated in a workshop on the revision of Vietnam’s decision on
regulations on the pilot public-private partnership (PPP).

Speaking at the event, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment
(MPI) Dao Quang Thu highly valued foreign delegates’ comments.

Thu said that from now to 2020, Vietnam needs an investment
capital of about 30-40 billion USD each year to develop essential
infrastructure system, including transport, electricity and water
supply. Meanwhile, the mobilisation capacity of tradition investment
channels meets only around 50-60 percent of the demand.

With the wish to strengthen the participation of domestic and foreign
private economic areas in Vietnam ’s infrastructure development, the
country attaches great importance to cooperation forms between the State
and private sectors, he added.

Thu also stressed
that Vietnam is preparing all necessary conditions to implement the
PPP scheme, in which completing a legal framework on PPP is extremely

Le Van Tang, head of the Bidding
Management Department under the MPI, said that according to the draft
revision of the decision, State capital in PPP projects can be up to 49
percent of the total investment capital while investors can enjoy more
preferences. Priority areas for PPP schemes will be expanded to include
information technology, agricultural infrastructure, education and
government office buildings.

MPI leaders also
pledged to complete the draft revisions on the decision in the first
half of this year as scheduled to establish a more suitable legal
framework on PPP and turn it into an attractive sector for foreign
private areas.-VNA

By vivian