Thu. May 19th, 2022

Electric tuk-tuk makes inroads into Viet Nam

HCM CITY (VNS)— Terra Motors Corporation, a Japanese electric-motorcycle manufacturer, plans to offer a three-wheel electric vehicle, or e-tuk-tuk, in Viet Nam within the year.

Powered by a lithium battery, the e-tuk-tuk can carry up to six people and operate at a speed of 50km per hour.

The vehicle, 3.3 metres long and 1.47 metres wide, can run 50km on one full charge. The vehicles will be imported from the Philippines.

Despite a narrow road system in Viet Nam, the company sees potential for this concept in the country over the long term.

Shingo Hayashi, general director of Terra Motors Viet Nam, told Vietnam News that the vehicle was best suited for special-use areas, including sight-seeing spots, golf courses, universities and industrial parks.

Hayashi said in the future the market for the vehicle could increase after the metro system begins to operate in HCM City, when traffic congestion on the roads is expected to ease.

Currently, the use of such vehicles in all areas of HCM City would exacerbate road traffic conditions, he said.

Using the battery-powered vehicles can reduce air pollution and gasolione consumption.

The Japanese company aims to become the world’s number-one seller of electric tuk-tuks over the next two years.

The corporation also plans to enter the Indonesian market in early 2014. It views Cambodia as a potential market as well. — VNS

By vivian