Sun. Nov 26th, 2023

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) and the World Bank (WB) have praised
the voice and participation of Lao women in a newly launched report on
the country’s gender equality.

“As Laos continues
its development path, empowering women and girls will be a key to
translating the country’s economic growth and demographic dividend into
development achievements,” WB Country Manager in Laos, Keiko Miwa,
said in the Gender Equality Assessment for Laos.

According to the two financial institutions, Laos still faces
gender inequality and vulnerability, especially in remote rural areas.

Laos could reap greater benefits from the
country’s rapid economic growth by reducing gender inequality and
vulnerability in remote rural areas while enhancing women’s ability to
take full advantage of expanding economic opportunities, particularly in
urban and lowland areas, the two financial institutions noted.

The report also suggests that although strong government commitment to
achieving gender equity has progressed, persistent imbalances remain in
human development endowments such as in health, education, and clean
water and sanitation, particularly in remote areas. Geographic,
socio-cultural and linguistic challenges remain.

assessment synthesizes information and findings from recent literature
and research on gender issues in Laos for ADB and the WB’s country
partnership strategies.-VNA

By vivian