Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

United Nations Women (UN Women) will organise a musical celebration for
women worldwide and launch the song “One woman” on the International
Women’s Day March 8, according to the UN Women office in Vietnam.

This is the first theme song written and recorded for a UN
organisation. It aims to empower women and inspire listeners to join the
drive for women’s rights and gender equality.

lyrics of the song were drawn from the stories of women who have worked
with UN Women and demonstrated their courage and determination. The
music for the song was composed by Graham Lyle and Fahan Hassan.

“One Woman” features more than 20 celebrity artists around the world.

Microsoft, UN Women’s corporate partner for “One Woman”, has sponsored the song and music video production.

On March 8, a music video of the song will be released on the UN Women site at

All the proceeds will be used for supporting UN Women programmes.-VNA

By vivian