Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

The haze problem in Thailand’s northern Chiang Mai province
continues but is still under control, according to local health

The smoke haze over Chiang Mai has
reportedly thickened on March 18 although the level of dust particles
remained below the safety level.

But, Chiang Mai’s
deputy head of public health, Surasing Visaruthrat, warned that even
though the dust particles might appear non-harmful yet, the current
condition still presents risks to people with respiratory problems.

Surasing has warned at-risk residents to avoid spending too much time outdoor and to keep their medicines handy.

The latest report showed that the air quality, illustrated by the
Particle Pollution (PM10) Concentration, measured at 87 micrograms per
cubic metre at the Chiang Mai City Hall and at 105 micrograms
per cubic metre in another part of the city centre.

However, Surasing stated that the situation can worsen if no rain comes
down soon. Therefore, locals are asked to refrain from all outdoor
burning activities in order to prevent the problem from escalating.-VNA

By vivian