Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

A survey conducted by the Asia Happiness Index 2013 of the Eden
Strategy Institute showed that Singapore is ranked first among five
countries in the region.

According to the
Eden Strategy Institute, a social innovation player, the survey covered
more than 200 million social media accounts in five countries, namely
Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, India and Indonesia .

The survey tracked the use of
predetermined words by users of social media such as Facebook, Twitter,
blogs and online forums. The list of words includes “thank you”, “the
best”, “grateful”, “hopeful” and “positive”.

Singapore scored 518 on the index to come out tops among the
five countries. Malaysia came in second with a score of 245. The
Philippines is third with a score of 90, followed by India 29, and
Indonesia , 11.

The institute said it launched the survey to mark the inaugural International Happiness Day, which takes place on March 20.-VNA

By vivian