Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

The Vientiane Asia-Europe regional meeting of landlocked developing
countries (LLDCs) concluded on March 7 with the issuance of the
Vientiane Consensus.

The document includes proposed solutions to tackle obstacles that LLDCs
could face in the future, including difficulties in the development of
transit transport policies, the promotion of transport efficiency, and
the streamline of legal institutions.

It focuses on
upgrading transport infrastructure systems to narrow infrastructure
gaps, facilitating trade and transit, customs procedures, promoting
tourism and regional integration.

The Vientiane Consensus will be submitted to an international meeting scheduled for early 2014.

During the three-day event, participants reviewed the implementation
of the Almaty Programme of Action (APA) for landlocked developing
countries, and in particular, four prioritised areas including transit
policies, infrastructure maintenance and development, trade and
international trade facilitation, and international support measures.

They agreed that cooperation and support from the
international community is required to help LLDCs promote their economic
integration with the globe.

Adopted in 2003 by the
United Nations, the APA aims to address the special needs of LLDCs in a
new global framework of transit cooperation for landlocked and
developing countries.-VNA

By vivian