Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

The “Indian Technical and Economic Cooperation” (ITEC) Day aiming to
intensify experience and knowledge sharing between India and
Indonesia was held by the Indian Embassy in Indonesia on March 5.

Addressing the event, which is part of the South –
South cooperation, Indian Ambassador to Indonesia Gurjit Singh said
since its launch in Indonesia in 1994, the ITEC has trained 1,500
Indonesian officials and students in the civil and military fields.

Besides, it has provided Indonesia with over 100 learning
opportunities, particularly in the field of information technology and
business, Singh noted.

He added the ITEC also plays a great role in furthering the bilateral strategic partnership.

Initiated by the Indian Government in 1964, the ITEC includes 300
training programmes in numerous fields, including English, journalism,
information technology, agriculture, banking, and rural development.

The South – South cooperation is regarded as a broad spectrum of
collaboration between developing countries in the field of human
resources, technology and knowledge.-VNA

By vivian