Thu. Feb 22nd, 2024

Cambodia’s export turnover to Malaysia reached 128 million USD in 2012, nearly doubling in comparison with 2011.

Agricultural products overwhelmed the trade when they contributed 101
million USD, or around 79 percent of the total exports, the Phnom Penh
Post reported on March 4.

Crude rubber and milled rice take big part among the agricultural products.

Cambodia’s milled rice exports to Malaysia strongly have
increased since its launch of the Policy on the Promotion of Paddy
Rice Production and Export of Milled Rice in 2010. The exports helped
Cambodia earn 9.5 million USD in 2011 and the figure was 24.3
million USD in 2012.

Two-way trade between Cambodia
and Malaysia was more than 376 million USD last year, increased by
55.6 million USD over 2011.-VNA

By vivian