Thu. Nov 24th, 2022

The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)’s Transportation Working
Group (TPTWG) convened its 37th meeting in Ho Chi Minh City on
April 4, with representatives from 21 member nations taking part.

Participants will discuss multimodal and smart transport through an
uninterrupted and safe transport system, promoting
environmentally-friendly transport for sustainable and fair growth, and
increased connectivity for trade and investment facilitation.

Deputy Minister of Transport Nguyen Hong Truong said during the
four-day event, delegates will discuss ways to connect transport in the
region and the world, and boost green transport for sustainable
development based on society.

In order to fulfil
such goals, the TPTWG will connect supply chains, making it easier for
passengers to travel, and enhance women’s role in member economies, said
the organising board.

It will liaise with the APEC
Business Advisory Council, Committee on Trade and Investment, APEC
Energy Working Group, Counter-Terrorism Task Force and Policy
Partnership on Women and the Economy, among other international

The TPTWG consists of four expert
groups working in aviation, maritime traffic, road transport, multimodal
and smart transport.

It is the second time Vietnam has hosted the biannual event, following the 2006 event in Hanoi-VNA

By vivian