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VietNamNet Bridge – “Phuong Mai-A State of Journey” exhibition opened on Wednesday, July 31, to mark the gallery’s nine year art operation as well as introducing to art lovers a new display area of the gallery at 9 Nguyen Cu Trinh Street in downtown HCMC.

Exhibition, Phuong Mai Gallery, HCM City

A visitor takes a photo of paintings on display at Phuong Mai Gallery in downtown HCM City.

The exhibition will feature 25 works by 20 artists from the private collection of the gallery. Visitors will have a chance to explore many materials from oil on canvas, acrylic and mixed media in many styles from realism, abstract to impressionist as well as expressionism and symbolism.

At the show, visitors can feel peaceful with lotus flowers of Nguyen Thi Tam, curious at the small numbers and mysterious symbols of Le Thanh Thu and be amazed by the beauty of women in portraits of Le Thanh, Ho Huu Thu, Duong Sen and La Hon. Art lovers can also admire old streets with rustic and romantic images in the paintings of Van Duong Thanh and Phan Thanh Binh.

Countryside landscapes, daily activities or humans’ inner thoughts can also be witnessed in other pieces. “The show is a chance for visitors to share their art passion and for artists to look back on their pieces related with their own past, fate as well as inspirations of paintings, memories and feelings for each work,” said Nguyen Quang Cuong, owner of the gallery.

“Many outstanding pieces of Vietnamese art have traveled around the world and I feel I need to keep some at home for next generations to learn more about varied art periods of Vietnam. That is the reason why I have bought and preserved them at the gallery to satisfy my love for paintings as well as to keep them for young people to admire them,” Cuong added.

The show runs for five days. For more information about the exhibition and biography of each artist, you can see details at and

Source: SGT

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