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VietNamNet Bridge – Just over a month after giving birth to her first daughter, dancer Linh Nga has returned to the dance floor. She is busy to prepare for a large dance show named “Lotus” with her colleagues.

Linh Nga, lotus show, Lotus theatre, HCM CityLinh Nga at the press conference.

On January 21, the Lotus Traditional Dance and Music Theatre held a press conference in HCM City to announce its art show entitled “Lotus”.

The “Lotus” show will be held on the evenings of January 30-31 at the HCM City Theatre. Linh Nga is not only one of the choreographers of the program, but also will perform 3-4 dances.

This show marks the return to the stage of one of the most famous dancers in Vietnam, four months after she gave birth to her first child in September 2012.

Linh Nga said to maintain the necessary flexibility, more than a month after giving birth; she forced herself to practice dancing every day to prepare for the Lotus show.

“In this show, I will no longer feel lonely like the “Dance shows” before because the two nights of performance will be the gathering of dancers of many generations,” Linh Nga said.

Linh Nga, lotus show, Lotus theatre, HCM CityMeritorious artis Dang Hung and Vuong Linh, Linh Nga’s parents.

The organizers said the show aims to honoring folk dances and music. The structure of the program consists of approximately 40% of music and songs and the remaining is for dance, revolving around the image of the lotus flower, which grows up from the mud.

The show is elaborately arranged with the participation of choreographers and dancers of many generations of the Lotus Theatre: Meritorious Artists Dang Hung, Vuong Linh, Nhat Sinh, Dinh Linh, Tuyet Mai, musician Nhat Trung, choreographers Tran Ly Ly and Linh Nga.

Approximately 117 dancers will participate in the show. The oldest artist is Do Loc, 67 and the youngest dancer is Gia Linh, 7. A group of young artists who were trained in China and have just returned to Vietnam after graduation will make a debut in the show.

The costumes are designed by well-known fashion designer Minh Hanh and some other designers.

The press conference announced the Lotus show had the presence of Prof. Dr. Tran Van Khe. He talked about the noble and idyllic image of lotus flowers, which are attached to all mental and physical activities of the Vietnamese.

The show music is compiled by Nhat Trung, who studied in the US for a long time. Trung said the Lotus show is a blend of classical music, pop music and folk music of Vietnam.

Linh Nga, lotus show, Lotus theatre, HCM CityGia Linh, the youngest dancer in the Lotus show, 7 years old.

After the shows on January 30-31, the program is scheduled for periodical performance at the Ho Chi Minh City Theatre to serve tourists to HCM City. From March, the program will be held periodically until the end of year, with 24 shows.

Representatives of some travel companies said that the show will be a special product for tourists in HCM City, when many visitors do not know where to go, what to do at night.

Lotus show was initiated in 2010 by dancer Linh Nga, to honor lotus – the national flower, which is also the name of the Lotus Theatre where her family has been attached to for a long time. The show was performed in many cities and provinces in Vietnam and highly praised by the audience and experts.

The Lotus show is also recognized by the Vietnam Record Book Center as the most special traditional music and dance show.
Compiled by Thanh Van

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