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Duo exhibition of vn-a and Truong Que Chi

Duo exhibition of vn-a and Truong Que Chi

A duo exhibition featuring Truong Que Chi and vn-a as joint collaboration of visual art and architecture will be held at The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre in District 2, HCMC from September 28 to November 18, 2018.

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Truong Que Chi will collaborate with architects Nguyen Tuan Dung and Vu Huong to hold a visual art – architecture exhibition at The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre from September 28 to November 18, 2018

Graduated from the Master of Film Studies program at The New Sorbonne University in Paris, Truong Que Chi is an artist currently living in Vietnam.

Nguyen Tuan Dung and Vu Huong, commonly known as vn-a, are members of the Association of German Architects, Berlin branch. They have their studios in Berlin and Dalat and won second place at the VI Edition of the International Prize for Sacred Architecture in 2016.

The exhibition will showcase how light can be communicated, perceived, interpreted and even manipulated within contexts and conditions of a visual art display.

The two partners “artist – architects” employ moving image and architectural elements as medium to create an organic body.

They will transform the space of The Factory Contemporary Arts Centre into a dim maze, through the light that is shed from the artworks. Such arrangement creates an atmosphere similar to a field trip, recalling the anthropological approach of any artist, architect, researcher or missionary, when they study the other object, community and territory.

The viewers may get lost in a strange place and start to detect and learn the shape, characteristics and functionality of any subjects and objects at the site, then connect and read all these dots to gain their own personalized narrative of the surrounding scenario.

Initially the exhibition departs from the historical context of particular architecture and landscape in the Central Highlands of Vietnam, such as local housing and sacred buildings. Later, personal experiences and materials outside of this original context expand the artist’s narrative, formal and conceptual possibilities.

The duo show between Truong Que Chi and vn-a becomes a multilayered hermeneutic circle between light, space and object. Here, light sources integrate with the gallery structure, simultaneously deriving broader concepts, such as meaning, transformation, belief and transparency.

This exhibition is curated by Arlette Quynh-Anh Tran, with the weighty advice from architect Nguyen Anh Cuong.


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