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Binh Duc pottery village of the Cham in Binh Thuan is known in central Vietnam for its gorgeous handicrafts made from a special clay.

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Binh Duc pottery products have a beautiful light red colour as they are made of clay taken from the waterfront of a local river

The pottery products made by Binh Duc villagers are often called Go (which means ‘pot’ in the Cham language) to distinguish them from the other pottery items in Vietnam. That’s why Binh Duc is also known as Go pottery village

Go pottery products are renowned for being made entirely by hand

The products are exposed to the sun until dry and will be burned

The time of firing depends on the size of the product. It takes one hour for a small pottery item and two or three hours for a bigger one

To create special patterns on new pottery products, the craftsmen sprinkle a special liquid on the surface which is made from sandbox fruit and golden-apple fruit

Wood is wrapped around pottery products, with a layer of pottery alternating with a layer of wood


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