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Located in the northern province of Quang Ninh, Bai Tu Long National
Park comprises 40 islands, either earth or limestone, scattering
across three communes, Ha Long, Van Yen and Minh Chau of Van Dong

The bay covers a total area of 15,783
hectares, including 6,125 hectares of land, and is home to 1,090 species
of fauna and flora. The park is considered a priceless national

According to Associate Professor Dr. Bui
Tat Thang from the Strategic Development Institute of the Ministry of
Planning and Investment, Bai Tu Long includes all three fundamental
ecosystems: forest, wetlands and sea – a diverse area for different
species to live and develop.

In the park, 102 rare
and precious species, including 72 species of fauna and 30 varieties of
flora listed in Vietnam’s red book of endangered species can be

The park also has 1,000 hectares of
wetlands, which includes mangrove forest, sandy and rocky tidal banks
and seaweed that provide food and shelter for animals.

The wetlands ecosystem, with its impressive scenery and biodiversity,
has attracted many eco-tourism, environmental education and research

The area of coral accounts for only a
minor section of the park, but has an important role to play as an
aquatic resource. It has high biological productivity and is a gene bank
for many types of sea species.

Besides the
extremely diverse biological environment, the park also has
archeological value, with evidence of ancient Viet people residing here
14,000 years ago.

Operational since April, 2002,
Bai Tu Long National Park is a stunning tourism spot with a rich
ecosystem, therefore it should receive sustainable protection,
conservation and development.-VNA

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