Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – With two strange horns on the head, this species of snakes reminds people of the legendary image of Satan.

snake, horn viper, vietnamThat species is called horn viper (Trimeresurus cornutus), a medium-sized snake species of the viper family.

snake, horn viper, vietnamThis snake species appears only in some highland areas of Vietnam.

snake, horn viper, vietnamThey have two strange horns protruding on two eye sockets.

snake, horn viper, vietnamThe horns are made up of prolonged scales.

snake, horn viper, vietnamScientists still do not know about the function of the “horn.”

snake, horn viper, vietnamHorn viper is a venomous snake species.

snake, horn viper, vietnamThis is also a very rare species, highly valuable for scientific research.

snake, horn viper, vietnamThe horn viper has been included in the Red Book of Vietnam.

Kien Thuc

By vivian