Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Major mobile network operators in Vietnam have warned mobile users
to avoid eagling and texting on lunar news year’ eve period to prevent
network congestion.

In addition to the warning, Viettel,
Vinaphone and MobiFone have said they will also increase network
capacity during the Tet holiday to handle the surge of text messages and
calls expected during the festive day.

VinaFone said it has
completed the installation of 4,600 new base transceiver station (BTSs)
to expand its coverage and capacity, while Viettel also announced it
will increase its 3G network bandwidth during the Tet holiday.

VinaFone currently has a total of 28,500 BTSs with nationwide coverage.

The carrier said that its network allows download and upload speeds up
to 21.6 and 5.76 megabits par second respectively, which will reduce
the likelihood of congestion.

VinaFone also plans to deploy 60
mobile stations to places where large crowds are expected to gather to
celebrate the New Year.

Viettel has made similar moves with
plans to install an additional 100 3G data transmission stations and 70
mobile stations for the busiest time of the year.

MobiFone has expanded it 2G and 3G networks with the addition of 1,000
new BTSs and has increased its 3G transmission speed in some cities to
21.6 Mbps.

This year, it is expected that many more people will
turn to high-speed data services to share their party photos and videos
thanks to the popularity of smart phones.

New mobile phone
subscription in Vietnam have skyrocketed in recent years, reaching 19
million in 2006, 98 million in 2009 and more than 123 million by the end
of September 2012.

The country currently has six mobile network operators Viettel, VinaFone, MobileFone, Vietnamobile, Gtel and Sfone.-VNA

By vivian