Sun. Apr 7th, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – The biggest private iPhone 5 distributors in Vietnam have affirmed that the current price of iPhone 5 16GB at VND16 million won’t decrease in the time to come, at least until the next generation of iPhone series hits the market.

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A big smart phone dealer in Hanoi said that iPhone has always been favored in the Vietnamese market, therefore, the price of the Apple won’t decrease in the time to come.

“The iPhone 5’s price has bottomed out and it will not be cheaper,” he said.

May and June were considered the most difficult period for the Apple’s products in Vietnam, when other big guys launched their super products into the markets, such as Xperia Z, Galaxy S4 and HTC One.

However, the products were not considered as “blockbuster” in the eyes of Vietnamese. Therefore, iPhone 5 has regained its Number 1 position.

Distribution chains all have reported that iPhone 5 is the top choice of the buyers who want high end smart phones.

iShop and iOne, which reported the decreases in the iPhone 5 sales in May and June, has noted the increase of the product sales again. The representatives of the chains said no less than 10 iPhone 5s are sold every day from their shops.

With iPhone 5 regaining its strength, the purchasing power of Galaxy S4 and HTC One, the main rivals of the Apple’s product, has weakened.

The owner of a big smart phone shop on Xa Dan Street in Hanoi said he can sell 3-4 Galaxy S4 a day, and the same figure has been reported for HTC One.

He said in thoughts of Vietnamese, iPhone prevails over others; therefore, iPhone remains the top choice of the customers who seek to buy expensive products. Though iPhone was a bit inferior to Galaxy S4 and HTC One at some moments, when the two super products hit the market, Apple’s products are believed to be in a “higher class”.

In fact, the returning of iPhone 5 as the most favorite product is foreseeable to smart phone dealers.

iPhone 5s have become VND200,000 cheaper than one month ago. Big shops now sell iPhone 5 16 GB at VND16 million, while the products imported by private dealers from different sources have been sold at VND14.5 million only.

As such, iPhone 5 is now VND1 million cheaper than the newly marketed Galaxy S4 and HTC One. This is also a reason that prompts people to choose iPhone 5 instead of the two.

Distributors have been competing fiercely with each other to attract buyers. Thegioididong and iShop still can sell products at the price which is VND1.5 million higher than private dealers, because they are the big and prestigious brands. Meanwhile, private dealers have offered free accessories or life software.

However, all of them have affirmed that they won’t reduce the sale prices any more because of the high demand in the market.

Meanwhile, international newspapers have quoted technology experts as saying that iPhone 5S, the next generation of iPhone 5, which is expected to be marketed in the time to come, may not continue leading the market like the previous versions. It is because at the time the iPhone 5S launches into the market, many other smart phone models of other big manufacturers would also turn up.


By vivian