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FPT to test self-driving autos in city's hi-tech park

FPT to test self-driving autos in city's hi-tech park

FPT Software has received approval of the Ministry of Transport, via a statement, to deploy an autonomous vehicle test in Saigon Hi-Tech Park, according to FPT’s website.

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An FPT self-driving auto is introduced to the public – PHOTO: FPT

The statement indicates that the ministry supports the group’s plan as it is consistent with the global trend and the Government’s strategy for the development of the fourth industrial revolution.

To execute the test in the interior areas of the industrial park in District 9 of HCMC, the ministry suggested FPT Software work with the authority of the Saigon Hi-Tech Park to seek approval and ensure traffic security in the park during the test.

The ministry also asked FPT to report the results of the test and prepare solutions for any issues arising during the trial run.

FPT Software is Vietnam’s first company to test self-driving vehicles. Its research and development (R&D) team has tested self-driving golf carts in Danang City and autos in HCMC many times, having witnessed the success of cars stably operating in parts of F-Town in HCMC.

FPT Software will focus more on R&D for new technological products, especially those in the auto segment.

The company had researched and developed self-driving technology between 2016 and October 31, 2017, following which it introduced the first autonomous vehicle in Vietnam.

Currently, the group operates self-driving electric vehicles in the F-Complex area of FPT Danang in Danang City and self-propelled autos in the FPT Software area in HCMC.

The R&D team had tested these cars under the hands-on conditions of moving into the right lanes and avoiding pedestrians and barriers.


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