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Apple Vietnam requests exemption from customs procedures

Apple Vietnam requests exemption from customs procedures

Apple Vietnam has proposed the Ministry of Finance (MoF) to remove a series of administrative procedures applied on its imported products, aiming to create advantage for its business activity, according to newswire Vietnamfinance.

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MoF has issued its opinion about Apple Vietnam’s proposal. Accordingly, MoF proposed the Ministry of Industry and Trade to remove the regulations to grant import licence for mobile phones, which was stated at Circular No.18/2014/TT-BTTTT dated November 20, 2013 of the Government on the issuance of licences to import radio transmitters and transceivers, aiming to decrease the time for customs clearance.

Regarding the certificate of conformity, MoF agrees with Apple Vietnam’s proposal to use certifications of conformity accredited by reputable international organisations as the basis to evaluate the quality of Apple Vietnam’s imported products.

Concerning the proposal to be excepted from acquiring an import licence for Apple Vietnam’s Apple Watch products, MoF said that according to Appendix I of the List of radio transmitters and transceivers with import licences attached to Circular 18, radio transmitters and transceivers with a frequency band of 9kHz to 400GHz and an output of 60 megawatt (mW) or more are subject to have an import licence accredited by the Ministry of Information and Communications (MoIC).

Thus, according to MoF’s opinion, in case Apple Vietnam proves that its Apple Watch products have an output of less than 60mW, they will not need to acquire an import license from MoIC.

MoF added that MoIC should re-evaluate its purpose and its effectiveness of granting import licences in customs procedures and consider removing this procedure in case it proves unnecessary.

Established in October 2015, Apple Vietnam specialises in distributing Apple products and supplying after-sale services. Setting foot in Vietnam is considered a change in Apple’s business strategy because Vietnam ranks among the less important groups in the tech giant’s business strategy.


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