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How smartphone has changed the lives of Vietnamese

Author: asiaplus It is no need to say that Smartphone sales in Vietnam is booming. A bit old story but iPhone sales in Vietnam has expanded by 250% in Q1 2014, which had let Tim Cook mention about the country in the IR conference.  We took a look into Read More »

How big is Vietnam market – Example of cosmetics

Author: asiaplus Vietnam now starts to get the attention not only the production country but as the consumption market. Using our service of Q&Me, we researched about consumer behaviors about make-ups, which gives us new findings about consumers in Vietnam. 44% female makes up regularly As for Vietnamese frequency of wearing makeups, our survey proved that only 24% makes up every ... Read More »

Vietnam mobile carrier satisfaction survey

Author: asiaplus Recently, we ran the survey about the mobile carrier satisfaction survey in Vietnam among 1100 people above 16 years old. Let me share our findings with you as I simply though this is interesting. When it comes to the monthly charge of mobile, the average spending per month is 127,000 VND in total. Students spend 76,800 VND and ... Read More »

Latest Facebook trend in Vietnam

Author: asiaplus Facebook is no doubt the most popular and important communication tools in Vietnam. Although there are some increasing trend of moving away from Facebook in the other Asean countries, Vietnam shows no signs of it. Well, this is no new finding but Vietnamese are quite addicted with Facebook Read More »

How Vietnamese get iPhone from their $400/month salary

Author: asiaplus You may think that most mobile phones in Vietnam are the cheap feature phones, but actually the smartphone sales ratio has increased to 60% already. Among that, Apple is one of the most popular brand. Vietnamese are the status-seekers and love brands. “Facebook” and “Apple” are the ones they love. Although I hear that young stars in the ... Read More »

Work value differences between Vietnam and Japan

Author: asiaplus Vietnamese and Japanese are similar in a way that both are serious and hardworking. The way how the work is valued, however, are quite different in both countries.  Using the service of Q&Me, we had compared how people in Vietnam and Japan value their work including the Read More »