Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

Twelve Vietnamese and German dancers will together sway a piece of
modern dance at a festival in Hanoi in September this year,
according to the Hanoi-based Goethe Institute on February 18.

the Edge” has been choreographed by Anna Konjetzky, one of the
best-known young choreographers in Germany , specifically for six
dancers of Vietnam National Opera and Ballet Theatre (VNOB) and six
German dancers.

In preparation for “On the Edge”,
Anna Konjetzky and ballet master Sahra Huby are giving a one-week
workshop for Vietnamese dancers in Hanoi , starting on February 18,
before launching the piece at the “Europe meets Asia in Contemporary
Dance” festival.

On this occasion, the Goethe Institute will organise a talk with the German choreographer on February 21.

Born in 1980 in Munich , Anna Kojetzky is dedicated to creating a
harmonious, modern blend of dance, music and bodily movements in her

By vivian