Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

Prominent UK musician, Leafcutter John, will entertain audiences in a
variety of activities in Hanoi this month, according to Radio Voice of
Vietnam’s online newspaper.

He is scheduled to
attend the Electronic vs Classic Music workshop with the Rhapsody
Philharmonic at the British Council on April 9 and hold an Electronic
Music Master Class for students and musicians at the Goethe Institute on
April 10-11 before taking part in the Hanoi Sound Stuff Festival at the
Vietnam National Museum of History on April 12.

John has made remarkable contributions to electronic, folk and
experimental music and has released five critically acclaimed albums
that combine elements of concrete and electro-acoustic music with voice
and guitar work.

He has also performed his
award-winning work extensively at festivals throughout Europe and the
Asia-Pacific, as well as on television and radio.

He is also a full time member of the 2005 Mercury Music Award nominated
contemporary Jazz band Polar Bear, for which he provides electronics,
guitar, and vocals.-VNA

By vivian