Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

Bac Viet Martial Arts School was
established based on the traditional martial arts of the ethnic groups,
particularly the Mong ethnic people in the Northwestern region.


 In the past, the Mong’s
martial arts was only handed down to sons on the paternal side. However,
their martial arts has now been introduced in Hanoi and is drawing much
attention from the younger generation.

The appearance of this martial arts in the capital is attributed to Tran
Viet Linh who has a great passion for the martial arts. When he saw
Giang A Sinh, from the 12th generation of the Giang Family of the Mong
in Lao Cai Province, practicing martial arts, he nurtured an idea to
popularize and preserve this traditional martial arts.

Although he had a passionate love for this martial arts, Linh found it
very difficult to find someone who would teach him. According to the
Mong’s martial arts rule that has existed for a long time, only sons on
the paternal side were trained. Never before was any one outside the
family trained. However, Linh was not discouraged but showed strong
determination to learn it. Whenever Giang A Sinh practiced, he tried to
get near to learn. Moved by his strong will, Giang A Sinh agreed to
accept Linh as his disciple. After a long time spent practicing, Linh
came back to Hanoi and established the first Mong martial arts club,
called Bac Viet, at the University of Civil Engineering where he is
studying. At present, his club has attracted the participation of about
500 people. Most of them are students and children in Hanoi.


Martial arts master Tran Viet Linh (white belt) instructs his students.
A technique on handcuffing.

Performing a dangerous attack.

Sitting in meditation after practicing.

A technique on kicking.

Practising the martial arts at Linh Dam Communal House, Hanoi.

A young master (red belt) of Bac Viet Martial Arts School.


By vivian