Thu. Jun 13th, 2024

An exhibition on the young artist Jeong Il Jin from the RoK was opened by The Korean Culture Centre in Hanoi on September 30.

The “Jeong Il Jin – the painter of fire” exhibition is being held at 49 Nguyen Du Street from September 30 to October 6.

week-long event is displaying 12 oil paintings on canvas that show fire
in its different forms, and evoke reflections on mankind’s eternal
fascination with fire.

The artist Jeong Il Jin
considers fire as a human desire and a form of enlightenment. Flames
have a life of their own; a notion which, to Jeong, has an element of
new beginnings.

Jeong has held a number of exhibitions, both
in th RoK and abroad. The event is part of a RoK art and culture
programme, with a particular focus on promoting the work of young
artists overseas.-VNA

By vivian