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VietNamNet Bridge – K + is negotiating with IMG to buy the television rights of the Premier League (EPL).

Premier League copyright offered for $37.5 million 

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This information was confirmed by Mr. Cao Van Liet, CEO of VSTV (K +). “We are in the process of negotiating with IMG but we have not purchased the television rights for EPL yet,” Liet says.
To sell EPL TV rights more easily and to make more options for Vietnamese TV stations, IMG divided EPL 2013-2016 into three exclusive packages, including the Sunday packet for $18 million, the early game and the Saturday best game for $15 million and the 3rd package with the remaining matches for $4.5 million. The total royalties that IMG expects to earn from Vietnam is at least $37.5 million.
The Ministry of Information and Communications immediately asked local TV broadcasters to join hands in buying EPL broadcasting right to “ensure the harmonious benefits of TV stations and benefits of TV audience, to avoid paying unreasonably high copyright fee, wasting social resources and cause damage to the TV audience due to the competition between broadcasters in Vietnam.”

The Ministry of Information and Communications also agreed with the national TV broadcaster VTV’s suggestion to assign VTV as the representative of Vietnamese broadcasters to buy the EPL 2013-2016 television rights.
On January 24, the Association of Vietnamese Pay TV also sent a dispatch to four TV stations VTV, VTC, HTV HCM City, HTV Hanoi and other pay TV service providers asking them to cooperate closely in purchasing the EPL TV rights.
After that IMG asked local TV broadcaster to contact them for the EPL TV rights before February 2. VTV and other broadcasters set up the negotiation board to buy the EPL copyright. The board’s viewpoint is to not buy the EPL broadcasting rights at all costs. Therefore, the move of K + is really shocking.
According to K +, it was not invited to participate in the negotiation board so K + can negotiate with IMG about buying the copyright package.
K + has confirmed its negotiation for the EPL TV rights while other broadcasters and the Vietnam Association of Pay TV Service Providers say they do not know about this information.

K + has strongly invested in facilities to be able to broadcast the EPL for the long time. With the advantage of a joint venture (49% of the capital held by the French channel Canal Plus), K + is able to buy the EPL copyright at the price that no local radio can compete.

Therefore, it is predicted that K + will again “ignore” the direction of the Ministry of Information – Communication as well as the Vietnam Association of Pay TV Service Providers.

Nam Nguyen

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