Sat. Mar 2nd, 2024

VietNamNet Bridge – From February 20, Japanese expert Kazuyoshi Tanabe will be in Vietnam to embark on his work at the Vietnam Professional Football JSC (VPF).

football, vpf, japanese expert, vff, tanabeJapanese expert Kazuyoshi Tanabe.
After a survey in Vietnam, Kazuyoshi Tanabe returned to Japan before the lunar New Year. The Japanese expert was quite impressed with the training of young football players in Vietnam. Tanabe believed that Vietnamese football would soon develop as Japan.
Many challenges are ahead of the Japanese expert. Specifically, Tanabe will have to help the VPF quickly restructure and work out a future plan for Vietnam’s football. Another important task in the next two years is helping the VPF find sponsors for the V-League (more likely to be donors from Japan).
After overcoming difficulties, the V-League will have to become a money making league. The VPF itself, as a company, should make sure to benefit from the top football league in Vietnam. It is also the main source of income to invest in football clubs and the national teams, as well as the referees of Vietnam.
According to VPF Chairman Vo Quoc Thang, Tanabe involved in football management for 13 years, particularly in the role of a CEO of football clubs and many national and international football tournaments.
Talking about the upcoming plans for cooperation between the two sides, Thang also sets high expectations: “Tanabe’s task is not only helping the VPF work out strategic planning but also find financing for the VPF and football clubs. I hope that Mr. Tanabe’s experience and relationship will bring the Japanese donors to Vietnam.”
It is clear that both the VPF and the Japanese expert are ready to face challenges. Anyway Vietnamese football has fell to the “bottom”, so everything can hardly get worse.
Tanabe was personally recommended to the VPF by the CEO of the J-League (Japan Championship). Mr. Tanabe served as the CEO of the Yokohama, Avispa Fukuoka, Ryukyu clubs of Japan, Grenoble Foot 38 of France and he was highly appreciated by these clubs.

Nam Nguyen

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