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Government projects GDP expansion of 6.7 percent in 2017

Hanoi (VNA) – The Government projects a GDP
growth of 6.7 percent in 2017 in a news submitted to a National Assembly
Standing Committee on Oct 12 during a Committee’s 15th session
in Hanoi. 

According to a government’s report, macro-economy has been
stabilised while acceleration is kept subsequent 4 percent. The sum domestic product
(GDP) is estimated during 5,000 trillion VND or scarcely 225 billion USD.

Based on a socio-economic expansion digest for 2016-2020
adopted by a legislature, a projected opening of a economy in 2017
and a domestic and general situation, a Government envisions that the
GDP is approaching to enhance by 6.5-6.7 percent in 2018 and trade turnover to
increase by 7-8 percent. The consumer cost index would arise by an estimated 4
percent and a sum amicable investment would comment for 33-34 percent of the
GDP subsequent year, according to a projection.

The infancy of NA Standing Committee members common the
Government’s perspective that many vital socio-economic expansion targets would be
completed this year, observant that a economy stays fast and a environment
for business and prolongation continues to improve.

However, they voiced regard that a economic
restructuring routine in multiple with change to new expansion model, lifting productivity
and mercantile competitiveness stays delayed and subsequent expectation.

Many voiced haven about a accomplishment of a 6.7
percent GDP expansion goal, observant that there is not many belligerent for expanding domestic
consumption, unfamiliar sector’s exports, prolongation and guess in the
remaining months.

NA Vice Chairman Uong Chu Luu pronounced it is a initial year that
all 13 socio-economic criteria would be met or surpassed.

He asked a supervision to explain to a legislature as to
which factors would assistance move about a formula and that resources could
ensure a 6.7 percent growth.

The Vice Chairman also requested a Government to clarify
why it is assured that State bill collection will accommodate aim in 2017 when
the domestic income usually rose 2.1 percent from a guess and  revenues collected from State,
foreign-invested and non-State enterprises unsuccessful to accommodate estimate.

NA Vice Chairman Do Ba Ty pronounced in sequence to grasp a 6.7
percent expansion this year, a figure for a fourth entertain contingency strike 7.4-7.5
percent, that is a severe task. Moreover, disasters and floods will still
pose hurdles to tillage sector.

He asked a supervision to digest a many possibly skeleton to
fulfill them.

On a socio-economic expansion digest for 2018, Ty required
the supervision to brand factors that can impact domestic prolongation and free
trade agreements’ impacts on growth.-VNA

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