Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

The winners of the prestigious Ho Chi Minh and State Awards in 2012 are
being featured in an exhibition at the Vietnam Fine Arts Museum that
will run until August 5.

Up to 38 award-winning pieces have been contributed by 19 Vietnamese painters, sculptors and photographers.

The exhibition, opened on July 30, aims to honour the contribution of
artists to national culture and provide insight into the landscape and
daily life of Vietnam’s people, including their struggle during times of
war. The event will also mark the August Revolution and National Day on
September 2.

One of the most distinctive artworks on display
includes the lacquer painting Thieu Nu Trong Vuon (Maidens in the
Garden) from late artist Nguyen Gia Tri, who is remembered as Vietnam’s
leading lacquer artist. The painting itself is revered as the most
beautiful lacquer painting in Vietnam.

Also on show are two photo
series entitled The Truong Son – Ho Chi Minh Trail during the US
resistance by Vuong Khanh Hong, and Triumphant Return from Prison by
former Vietnam News Agency photographer, Chu Chi Thanh. Both have well
received by the artistic community.-VNA

By vivian