Sun. Apr 14th, 2024

Thousands of monks and followers attended a ceremony to worship Lord
Buddha’s sarira at Long Khanh pagoda in Quy Nhon city, the central
province of Binh Dinh, on July 31.

The sarira is a
present of the Myanmar Buddhist Sangha for Chairman of the Board of
Directors of the Bank for Investment and Development of Vietnam Tran Bac
Ha, who is also the chairman of the Association of Vietnamese Investors
in Myanmar. He later presented the sacred relic to Binh Dinh

The sarira will be placed at Long Khanh
pagoda for local Buddhists and people to worship until August 2 and then
put inside a statue of Lord Buddha permanently at the Linh Phong
Buddha-dharma complex on Linh Phong mountain in Phu Cat district.

Sarira is said to be the relics left over after the physical bodies of the Buddha and eminent monks were cremated.-VNA

By vivian