Fri. Jun 14th, 2024

The Central Committee of the Vietnam Youth Federation (VYF) held a
conference on March 1 to consult the youth on the draft amendments to
the 1992 Constitution.

The delegates to the
conference appreciated the careful work of the drafting committee,
saying that the amendments introduced many new ideas.
They said the new forewords represented a major progress, more clearly defining the people’s right.

The majority of delegates’ opinions recommended retaining Article 66
of the 1992 Constitution, which emphasises the vital role of young
people in the nation’s construction and protection.

Addressing the event, the former Director of the Cultural Centre of
Adolescent Education, Tran Van Mieu, said that a supplementary provision
needs to be added to the Article requiring that the youth have to train
themselves to be useful citizens and improve the quality of human

By vivian