Mon. Apr 15th, 2024

The Vietnamese Honorary Consul General in Busan-Gyeongnam Park
Soo-kwan has been re-appointed for another term at a ceremony in Busan
city, the Republic of Korea (RoK) on July 31.

On behalf of the Vietnamese government, Ambassador Tran Trong Toan
congratulated the honorary consul general, who is President of the
Dongwon Heavy Industry Corporation, the Youngchang New Tech Corporation
and the YC Tec Vietnam Corporation. He said since being appointed to the
post in January 2010 by the Vietnamese Foreign Ministry, Park Soo-kwan
has made great efforts to promote the Vietnam-RoK friendship and
cooperation, including those between the twin cities of Busan and Ho
Chi Minh City.

He has also worked hard to protect
the Vietnamese citizens in Busan-Gyeongnam, sponsored their
cultural-sport activities as well as the publication of a book on
Vietnam’s Law on Marriage and Family.

For his part, Park
Soo-kwan pledged to try his best to fulfill his assigned task, thus
making contribution to strengthening the two countries’ friendship and

By vivian