Sun. Nov 27th, 2022

VietNamNet Bridge – A 20-year-old girl, a native of the central province of Ha Tinh, was just rescued from a prostitution ring in Angola. The victim has returned home and sent denunciations to the authorities.


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The victim (right) was luckily rescued in Angola. 

According to the complaint of the victim’s family, Ms. Tran Thi T, 20, in Thach Ha district, Ha Tinh province, in September 2012, the family was informed by a woman named Dao Le Xuan, 42, in Ha Tinh City, that Mr. Son and his wife Nguyen Thi Xuyen in Ky Anh district was finding a girl to work for a Vietnamese restaurant in Angola, with monthly salary $1,000. Being a 2nd year student of a vocational school in Ha Tinh, but due to financial difficulty, T. asked her parents’ permission to work in Angola.

On August 3, 2012, T flew to Angola. They arrived at Luanda the next day. T. was taken to a small restaurant, which had only one guard cum chef, one waitress and the Vietnamese owner, a woman named Huong.

That night, Huong announced that T’s job is working as a prostitute. The woman threatened that if T and other girls did not obey, they would be sold to another prostitution house.

T. found ways to inform her parents in Vietnam. At that time, T’s mother was in Hanoi with Xuyen. The mother asked Xuyen to call the woman in Angola. T’s family also asked for help from their acquaintances in Angola to rescue their daughter.

At noon on March 12, T escaped from the restaurant, with the assistance of a Vietnamese man in Angola. This man helped her return to Vietnam on March 19.

The family denounced the case to the local authorities, saying that the ones who took T to Angola are in a ring that illegally takes Vietnamese laborers to Angola.

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