Mon. Jun 10th, 2024

Vietnam strongly criticises recent violent actions by some Cambodian
extremists that violate both Vietnam and Cambodia’s laws as well as
treaties and agreements signed by both sides, stated Foreign Ministry’s
Spokesperson Le Hai Binh.

Those actions affect the
progress of border delimitation and the sound relationship between the
two countries, the spokesperson said in response to reporters’ queries
on Vietnam’s reaction against an incident on June 28 when seven
Vietnamese people were injured by some Cambodian extremists.

The incident happened when a group of about 250 Cambodians, including a
number of parliament members from the opposition Cambodia National
Rescue Party (CNRP), approached deeply into the area of border marker
No. 203 in Vietnam’s Long An province. Vietnamese relevant forces and
locals stopped the group and explained to them about their wrong action,
but some Cambodian extremists attacked them and caused injuries to
seven persons.

“We request Cambodian authorised agencies
to deploy measures to properly settle the incident and prevent similar
actions from happening again in order to ensure the smooth
implementation of border delimitation and marker planting for the common
interest of both peoples,” stressed the spokesperson.

the same time, he affirmed that Vietnam attaches great importance to the
neighbourly friendship and comprehensive cooperation with Cambodia
and wants to build a shared border of peace and friendship.-VNA

By vivian