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VietNamNet Bridge – A new service which helps local people to find the original owner of their second, or third-hand vehicle has mushroomed in Hanoi after Decree 71 on vehicle ownership was announced in November 2012.


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People hunt for their vehicle’s original owner to avoid fines introduced
by a controversial and difficult to implement decree.

Decree 71 that stipulated that vehicle owners who do not complete procedures to have their name included in the registration documents would be fined has faced strong opposition due to its lack of realism.

Although the regulation is still courting controversy, it has prompted many vehicle owners to resolve outstanding issues related to their vehicle ownership documentation.

For around VND3-7 million (USD144-335) a vehicle owner can have their vehicle’s original owners traced, and the business has flourished online and as a side-business for many shops.

Hanoian Tran Thi Minh Hai said she had used the service because it would save her time in completing the procedures for transferring vehicle at the same time. She said a provider at 86 Chua Ha Street had asked VND3.5 million in fee for her VND16 million motorbike.

“When I complained about the price, they said my case was difficult as my motorbike was bought second-hand market so they couldn’t be sure of the sale’s legality. They also said the costs included fees for transport if the original owner lived far away, and then fees for the transfer procedures. Basically, they said it’s the cheapest price they could do,” Hai said.

However, the customers aren’t really protected, because these firms are only provided verbal contracts. When the service providers can’t find the original owner, the customers still have to pay the search cost.

Le Tien Thanh, a businessman on Hang Trong Street said he had once asked about the service and they had quoted VND6.5 million. “After two weeks, they called me and said they were unable to find the original owner and kept my VND3 million deposit.” he said.

This service is spreading from Hanoi to many other provinces.

Source: DTriNews

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