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Tragicomedy for immature group who “upgrade” penis by silicon

VietNamNet Bridge – Not being assured with a distance of their penis, dozens of immature fishermen in Nam Can District, Ca Mau Province bought glass silicon and injected into their penis in sequence to boost a size. They trust that large “guns” uncover a male stuff. Consequently, they could not raise their “man stuff” though their “guns” became invalid and during risk of disability.

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Silicon extracted from a penis of patients.

Dr. Mai Tien Dung of a Binh Dan Hospital in HCM City pronounced previously, a sanatorium perceived usually 1-2 cases of penis complications caused by silicone injections. But so distant this year, a sanatorium has treated dozens of cases, in that a patients had their penis being damaged, with skin necrosis, deformed…

“For these patients, we have to take out silicon from their penis, cut a whole penis skin and perform new skin graft. For a patients with silicon using to a scrotum, we have to emanate new scrotum. Patients will be hospitalized from 10-15 days for diagnosis to overcome a problem,” a alloy said.

Dung pronounced in a latest case, a organisation of group during a age of 19 to 32 “upgraded” their penis by silicon. These youngsters came from a fishing encampment of Nam Can District, Ca Mau Province. Most of them are fishermen and they are really healthy.

When doctors asked NTK (22 years old) because he “upgraded” his penis by silicon, a child pronounced in a splash with friends, after being drunken, they were exposed and jumped into a stream for a bath. They had a event to “admire” any other and done comments of a penis of any other. Being remarked by others that his penis is tiny and being warned that he would be incompetent to prove his destiny partner and mother and would be “cuckolded,” NTK was really sad.

Then one male suggested NTK to buy silicon from Thailand to inject into his penis to make it bigger. NTK’s friends also told him about several group who had their penis bigger interjection to silicon. The child did a same. After silicone injections, his “gun” looked bigger and NTK was really happy and unapproachable of his new penis.

But usually a brief time later, a penis was unexpected distended and had countenance of edema, pain, and he could not urinate. Then, his penis was misshapen and smelled. Seeing a boy’s expression and worried feeling, his family members asked him though he did not brave to tell them a truth. When a pain was unbearable, he told a law and a family took him to a hospital. To save and revive his penis, a doctors endorsed him to go to Binh Dan Hospital.

As one of those who injected silicon into his penis, after roughly dual weeks in a hospital, PQM (27 years old) was successfully treated though he looked really sad. PQM pronounced he got married for usually 6 months. On a marriage day, he was happy and unapproachable of his pleasing wife. He usually looked brazen to a marriage night. But only before a critical moment, his mother missed her tongue, observant “I only illusory that it is too big, but…”

PQM suspicion his mother found error with his “gun.” For several days he kept fidgeting and immune to go fishing to stay in his vessel during night. Seeing this, some of his friends asked him a reason though he did not contend anything. Several days later, after celebration a lot, a immature male told his story. A male named S said: “What we thought, though it’s a tiny thing.” S. pronounced he had only upgraded his penis by silicon during a recommendation of his neighbor afterwards he showed off his “gun.”

Seeing this, a immature male also bought silicone to inject into his penis. After pumping “panacea” to a “gun,” PQM’s penis looked bigger. He came home to uncover off to his mother though he could not do anything with it.

M afterwards kept wordless for a while, and afterwards said: “I don’t know when we will have a baby”

Na Son

Article source: http://english.vietnamnet.vn/fms/society/76548/tragicomedy-for-young-men-who–upgrade–penis-by-silicon.html

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